The beaches of the Gulf of Follonica

The beaches of the Gulf of Follonica

Follonica is known throughout Italy especially thanks to its beautiful unspoilt beaches where to find crystal clear water.

We want to tell some of the most beautiful beaches of Follonica

Only 5 km from the center of Follonica the Carboniferous beach is named after the nineteenth-century tower that still dominates the shoreline; ancient trading port of the railroad marked the termination point at which the coal mines of the Interior came to the sea.
Reached the parking lot must leave the car and get to the walk along the beach no more than 100 mt.
The beach is made up of clear and fine sand, behind which are the characteristics of coastal dunes shaded by pines.
Coal is within the Sterpaia Coastal Park and you can find both free beach lidos.
The beach is shallow and therefore suitable for children.

Torre Mozza
A 3 km from the center of Follonica, is one of the best known beaches in the area. The ancient tower in 1500 which had the function of spotting possible Saracen raids was now recovered and there is a restaurant inside.
The parking spaces are located behind the beach.
In the area you can enjoy both the beach establishments of the public beach.
The environment is wild, consisting of sand dunes and pine forest.

The Grove, Pratoranieri and Lido are the closest beaches to the town of Follonica.
The Lido can be reached on foot from the center to the other two is recommended that at least one bicycle. You will be spoiled for choice for beaches, but there are also long stretches of beach.
La Polveriera
Located in the east side always going south at about 3 km from the center of Follonica.
The seabed is very low and in times of low tide are formed of sand shoals that rise from the sea and are great fun for children.

Cala Martina
7.5 km distance from the center of Follonica can be reached either through the resort Strut that Pian d'Alma, however, is not an easy beach to get to, because a section of the trail is forbidden to all motor vehicles, you can arriving on the beach only on foot or by bicycle. It's well equipped as there are no bars since it bathhouses. On the path you will find a monument to Giuseppe Garibaldi in memory of his escape from the papal guards.
Cala Violina
Cala Violina is one of the most beautiful beaches of Tuscany. It housed inside a nature reserve where access to the machines is limited.
Cala Civette
The beach is 11 km from the center of Follonica.
It is the wildest and hidden beach among all those of the Gulf of Follonica.
We need to start equipped because there are no bathing facilities it bars or eateries.



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